Stump Grinding

Schedule tree removal or branch removal services in Aledo, & Weatherford, TX

Stump Grinding

Remove Ugly Stumps From Your Yard

If you suspect a tree is growing too close to your building, contact Blue Collar Tree & Junk Removal immediately. We provide reliable tree removal services in Aledo, & Weatherford, TX. Using professional tools like STIHL and ECHO chainsaws, we’ll remove your hazardous or unwanted trees and branches quickly and safely.

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Expert solutions for your stump problems

Don’t hesitate to call Blue Collar Tree & Junk Removal when you need tree removal services in Aledo, TX. Schedule a tree and branch removal service with us when you notice these four warning signs:
  • Clearing the way for your landscaping projects
  • Preventing rot and insect infestations
  • Producing mulch for future plant growth
Take the first step to a better-looking yard. Call 817-915-8594 to schedule your services.

Your Local Choice for Tree Service

Your trees represent an asset or a liability to your property. Our arborists will visit your property to see your trees’ condition and determine the best course of action for them. We’re passionate about tree care and serving our community; rest assured that we’ll go above and beyond to provide you with the local tree service you deserve.